Upgrade to IoT in 5 minutes.

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One-time purchase, lifetime service.

Unprecedented connectivity.

Aria's wireless networks go for miles and cover the entire planet. Power outage? internet drop? Cell sunset? It's always connected.

If that wasn't enough, Aria was designed with military-grade communications and security.

The Internet of Things.

You're used to reliable internet access, but your machines aren't.

The internet was made for people to connect. The Internet of Things was made for machines to do the same. Aria makes that possible.

It's your data. Period.

Send your data where you want, through the network you choose, with total privacy and encryption at all times.

Want us to manage it? Great! Want to send it directly to your own servers? Also great!

One view to rule them all.

See your world in one view, not ten. Keep close tabs on your all of assets from one central view regardless of different brands and locations. Did we mention it's included with the Aria at no extra cost?

Or you can send the data directly to your own platform. The world is at your fingertips, and now your systems are, too.

Your machine has a story.

Aria gives it a voice.

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