Connectivity Revolution: Deviceroy’s Aria Integrates with Amazon Sidewalk at CES

We are excited to announce that our incredible device, Aria, will be featured by Amazon at CES 2023 with its integration of Amazon Sidewalk. This is a major milestone for Deviceroy and a testament to the innovation and reliability of our Aria device. Aria is available today with LoRaWAN connectivity, and at CES, we’ll allow Early Access Members to order the Aria with Sidewalk integration for the first time.

Aria is a compact, wireless device that allows users to easily connect and control their devices, even in difficult conditions, from anywhere in the world. Its ability to penetrate through multiple layers of concrete or steel makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments. The integration of Amazon Sidewalk in Aria enhances its existing LoRaWAN capabilities, making it even more versatile and reliable for connecting all your smart home and industrial devices. Aria's setup is quick and easy thanks to Sidewalk's "Frustration Free Setup," and it offers first-class security and outstanding redundancy. No need to worry about installing or maintaining additional routers or gateways to connect your Aria to the Internet. Sidewalk takes care of it. Additionally, Sidewalk supports faster data rates than LoRaWAN, giving you greater flexibility with your devices.

Come see Deviceroy's Aria featured in the Amazon Pavilion at CES 2023, where it will be presented with the Amazon Sidewalk in the solar display. In addition to this exciting new capability, be sure to check out Aria's many other features, including self-diagnostics, emergency power reserves, UL/CE ratings, and radio compliance for use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Plus, with no recurring fees, you can reduce your service costs by up to 80%. Aria is also on display in Nordic Semiconductor's booth, #52039. If you're going to CES, be sure to stop at both locations!

Don't miss this opportunity to see the future of smart home and industrial connectivity with Deviceroy's Aria, as featured by Amazon at CES 2023. We look forward to connecting with you during and after the show.