Let’s Get to the Point

You’re the game changer. The person who turns ‘smart’ into ‘genius’. You’re building or installing devices that are efficient, sustainable, and downright impressive. You’re building a reputation.

It’s not all roses though. You have some sensors that don’t quite reach, and battery life is becoming a problem. You’ve been scrambling for a solution and tried every available option.

You need a solution that’s specifically designed to solve weak signals and limited ranges.

The Root of the Problem…Solved

Sensors are too far away
Too much interference
Sensors are below ground

These problems will destroy your battery life and eat away at your profit. You’ll spend too much money in customer support and early product replacement. You might even start hating your job.

In case it wasn’t obvious, the Aria Relay solves each of these problems. It was made specifically for these issues and is compliant with every global region and the latest LoRaWAN specification. In other words, you can use it anywhere, on any compliant network*, or with any compliant LoRaWAN device*.

*Relay for LoRaWAN is a new specification. Devices and servers may need updates for compatibility. Don’t worry, we’ll help you there, too.

3 Steps to 'Done'

Step 1: The Server

Select and activate a LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) provider that supports the Relay specification. If you’re not sure who supports it yet, just ask us for an updated list.




Step 2: The Relay

This is the easiest step. Get the Aria, download the Deviceroy Nexus app for iOS devices, create an account and follow the steps in the app. This will only take a couple of minutes.




Step 3: The Sensors

Your devices may need a little upgrade. Firmware updates are necessary for them to understand how to use a Relay. We’ll be there to assist your device maker with the new spec integration.

…or you can stick with the status quo.

You already know where that path ends. You’re on it already. Frustrated customers, returned products, lost contracts, dwindling revenue, tarnished reputation, and maybe even saying goodbye to your job.

The LoRa Alliance recognized the need to solve these challenges, and we recognized the value of building that solution. It’s found in the Aria. If you need to talk through it with someone, we’re here to help.

Don't Stick with the Status Quo

Download the Aria Relay Spec Sheet

Get the Aria

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