How to Prevent the #1 Problem Every Solar Owner Faces

Solar Owner

When it comes to solar power, people usually make the switch for one of two reasons. Some see it as a smart financial decision; a way to save on energy costs in the long run. Others are driven by a desire to break free from the regime of traditional utilities, or to make a positive impact on the environment.

Regardless of the motivation, everyone wants their solar journey to be smooth and worry-free. Unfortunately, this rosy world has thorns in it, which is why Deviceroy created the Aria.

So, what’s the problem? Almost 90% of installed solar is not connected to the internet right now. Even if your new solar panels are connected now, bet on them disconnecting from the internet soon, for any one of many reasons. It is the most common problem, and it hides nasty surprises.

Solar installations don’t alert you when they disconnect, so you won't know when more expensive problems are happening. In solar, problems happen more often than you’d like. If you’ve had solar for a while, I’m preaching to the choir. This shouldn’t be a problem in today’s world, but it is.

Solar installation repair

Solving the #1 Problem

To add insult to injury, solar installations experience frequent and unexpected interruptions. Common causes range from equipment failure to new shadows from growing trees or structures, weather conditions, dust, and even curious kids that push the big red shutdown button.

These issues usually remain undetected until the surprise utility bill arrives. But imagine if you could detect these issues before they hit your wallet. This is where Aria shines.

Aria is a smart modem for solar that keeps your system permanently connected, enabling constant monitoring for your solar power production. It's like having a home security system, but instead of protecting your personal property, it protects your pocketbook from unexpected costs and power interruptions.

With Aria, you're always in the know, enabling you to address issues promptly and maintain optimal solar production for the best solar ROI. Now, how does Aria stay connected when everything else goes offline?

Aria on Amazon Sidewalk

The Secret Combination

The key innovation here is found in Aria’s integration with Amazon Sidewalk. This is a secure, long-range, people-powered network that functions by encouraging individuals to share a miniscule portion of their internet with devices that need to relay crucial data.

This means that even during power or internet outages, Aria can still transmit vital details about your solar system's status. Equipped with its own emergency power, Aria keeps running when nothing else does.

But what does this mean for your solar investment?

Aria, combined with Amazon Sidewalk, provides a strong safety net for your solar investment. It's a security system that not only protects against unexpected costs but also enhances the reliability and efficiency of your solar system.

By keeping you connected at all times, Aria ensures that you're always in control, making your journey towards sustainable living smooth and worry-free. And maybe the best part of this - there are no monthly fees for the lifetime connection.

If you already have solar, you might be asking “what about cell modems?”

Your Other Options

Cellular internet, despite its convenience, is simply not a match for solar. Notably, it requires a consistent monthly fee, fails to provide outage alerts during power failures, and only uploads data four times daily.

It also suffers from "network sunsets," requiring modem replacements every few years. Reliability is another challenge, with modems often freezing and needing reboots. Connectivity can even be a problem in the middle of a city due to interference.

These are expensive problems. And if you have solar, you already know that Wi-Fi is a hot mess. In contrast, Aria has none of these issues. In fact, because Aria uses Semtech’s LoRa radio, it can even connect your solar to the internet through any LoRaWAN network, anywhere in the world.

So, what does this mean for your solar system's future?

While the world of solar power may present challenges, Aria ensures a smart, reliable, and resilient connection. Your solar system is not just an energy source; it's a secure, sustainable investment for the future, and an important personal statement.

Whether you're driven by financial savings, a desire for independence, or a commitment to the planet, Aria is here to keep the thorns away from your rosy solar experience.

Take the first step towards securing and optimizing your solar investment with the Aria.

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